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Chaketa Renee

Welcome to Power 2 Manifest

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About Us

Power 2 Manifest's mission is to help women learn new skills in the crafting niche. Whether it's learning how to cut vinyl with a Cricut machine, Sublimation projects or how to make a passive income in the digital market, you'll surely learn something new in this community.

Why You Should Join

Our community members are always sharing valuable information to help you elevate your craft and mindset. Join in on the discussions, show off your makes or come in to take a class or two! Everyone is friendly and we love to welcome in new faces.

Inside the community you'll have access to:

  • Step by Step Tutorials
  • Live Classes
  • Community Events
  • Ecouragement and Support from Like Minded Women

I know what it's like to live in a world of confusion when it comes to crafting  Cricut and Sublimation projects, so I created this online community to help those who were just like me.

I began hosting craft classes in 2019 at Michaels Craft Stores in Georgia, then transitioned to teaching online in 2020. Since then, Power 2 Manifest has  increased the confidence of thousands of women to help them conquer their Cricut and Sublimation projects and expand their skillset, which birthed hundreds of Craftpreneurs!

We look forward to guiding you in your craft journey.

A Big Thanks!

Thank you to our Power2Hustle and Sub Club community members that have continued to support, grow and contribute to our communities.

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